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Snapchat: The Marketing Potential of Snap Map

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What is Snap Map?

Earlier last month, Snapchat released an update introducing their new map feature to the public. Snap Map allows users to see their friends’ locations on a map of the world, as well as access public snaps from people around the world.

The conversation around the update has mainly revolved around the security issues the feature poses, but it also offers a fantastic opportunity for advertisers. While Snap Map should be approached with caution for personal accounts, companies should take advantage of it as a brand tool.

Live Event Updates

If you have influencers attending a public event, ask them to turn location on for the duration of the event on Snap Map! This will tie them to the event and location, as well as attract their fans to the event.


Alternatively, if the event is a private one, you could ask attendees to post Snapchats to a public story. This would introduce the public to the event/brand, as well as offer them a behind-the-scenes look at the event.

Location Marketing

One of the biggest advantages the update offers is geo-located listening. Use the update as a social analytics tool! It can show you information on what locations have increased activity, what’s being talked about (including competitors), the audience demographics by location, and much more. With time, you’ll likely see patterns in user behaviour that can help you with location marketing!

Additionally, the map shows hotspots of activity, meaning that those locations have high concentrations of Snapchat usage. This is useful information if a brand wants to know when and where to place in-app advertisements, such as a Geofilter. The activity hotspots can also help you determine where to place non-digital advertisements like billboard displays!

Also, don’t be afraid to hop into a location story to promote your brand! Maybe offer an exclusive deal for users that are nearby. This strengthens your brand’s ties with the community and gives you an opportunity to boost brand awareness.






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