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2Social Inc. is a boutique Social Media Marketing Agency passionate about your business. We partner with each client to build and grow their company’s online presence with winning social strategies and engaging content development.

The 2Social team develops strategies, engages, and fosters relationships with customers online, acting as an extension of your brand to help grow, connect and flourish on social media. We are the social city planners for your online marketing journey, and our passion is in your success.

Nestled in the heart of the Junction, Toronto’s colourful and energetic neighbourhood, 2Social takes on social as we would real life relationships. We create, build, and nurture long-lasting relationships with our client’s goals always in mind.

Take a social city tour through our site and learn how 2Social can help your company grow.

Steve Dolson 2Social

Steve Dolson

1/2 of 2Social

Steve is passionate about social media, growing businesses & conversing with new people. For the past 5 years, Steve Dolson has been involved in all elements of the social media, web development, SEO, design & advertising. He has made an interesting career change considering he has a degree in Engineering Technology. He also has a different beard colour than his hair.

Lauren Shirreffs 2Social

Lauren Shirreffs

1/2 of 2Social

Lauren has a coffee addiction, but we don’t mind, because it makes her type so fast smoke comes off her keyboard. As an entrepreneur for the past 10 years, Lauren enjoys the unpredictable, & lives for challenges. With 5+ years in marketing, social media & creative writing, Lauren’s trend-watching eye tells us what’s up, & brings unique ideas to the boardroom bean bag chairs.


Keshia Eversley-Omlin

Community Manager

Keshia is our resident tech advisor. When she’s not catching up on the latest news or finding innovative solutions, she always has one eye on Twitter to keep up with social media and digital marketing trends to help keep her clients ahead of the game. Keshia’s background in Communications and Digital Marketing Management has given her the skills to ensure that her audience stays engaged and informed.

Vito Ciliberto 2Social

Vito Ciliberto

Creative Director

Vito is the strong, silent type. He has travelled the world, met Bruce Willis, & dreamed up some pretty awesome campaigns… but you won’t hear about it, unless you are tweeting with him. Right now. A 2Social personality since its humble beginnings, he is half customer service + half graphic designer, all wrapped up with a pretty big hashtag #vitodoeseverything.

Samantha Buck 2Social

Samantha Buck

Community Manager

Samantha is the pop culture queen. A shameless celebrity lover and certified “Swifty” she is the first person you need when it comes to the latest trends in pop culture. Her specialized background in social media marketing and public relations has armed her with the experience to make sure her audience is always informed, engaged and entertained.

Karolina Ceolin 2Social

Karolina Ceolin

Graphic Designer

Karolina has trouble sitting still. She channels this energy by putting her mind to work through creative means. She has used her creative & design powers for almost a decade now, helping out various clients & agencies. If she’s not whipping up a new design she’s flying around the country & exploring all the wonders our world has to offer. She also likes to dance. A lot.


Aneta Pacholska

Graphic Designer

Aneta likes to bring influences from different countries and cultures to her designs. She has travelled the world, speaks three different languages and loves taking that perfect picture. If the lighting, angle, colours, contrasts or anything is off, she will be the first one to tell you to make sure the end result is perfect. Not to mention a festival go-er and an avid electronic music listener.

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