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If utilized correctly, social media can be a great business tool, as it generates leads and helps build a brand. Sound easy? It’s not. Social media is hard work! However, if you follow the tips compiled in this blog, you’ll be that much closer to achieving your goals. So, let’s get started.

Tip #1 – Create a plan for each social media channel.


Many businesses make the mistake of jumping into social media without creating a strategy or plan beforehand. You need to be able to answer questions like, “why are you on social media?” or “what social media platforms features your target audience?”. If you cannot answer these questions, you need to take a step back. Essentially, your social media plan should determine how you will proceed with each platform you decide to use.


Tip #2 – Post consistently.


To create a following on social media, you need to post content often. This can be difficult if you are using multiple social media platforms, which is why it is very important to create a routine posting scheduling.


You will determine how often you should be posting based upon the strategy you developed earlier on. It is also wise to use social media management tools, as it streamlines everything. For example, it publishes content across multiple platforms, schedules posts in advance, and tracks your results.


Tip #3 – Quality over Quantity.


While it is important to post consistently, if you are posting lackluster content, it’s better to share nothing at all. So, how do you determine what is quality content? It should be relevant, helpful, and entertaining to your audience.


Also, never forget the ‘80/20 Rule’. The 80/20 rule means that only 20% of your content should be directly promoting your brand, while the other 80% should be toward posting content that will engage with your audience in a meaningful way.


Once you have a clear indication of what you’re looking for, find websites within your industry, who post high quality content you can then share with your audience.


Tip #4 – Images, Images, Images.


According to research published by eMarketer, photos accounted for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide. It also has an 87% interaction rate from fans. Similarly, Twitter determined that the most effective feature, across all verified accounts, was photos – averaging a 35% boost in Retweets.


Considering that Instagram has the most engagement of any social media channel, it would be wise to incorporate as many visuals as possible into the content that you are posting.


Tip #5 – Take it a step further with video.


Syndacast discovered that 74% of all internet traffic, in 2017, will be video, and, according to a Socialbakers study, video posts have the most organic reach of any type of Facebook post. So, what are you waiting for? Only good results can come from incorporating video into your social media strategy.


Tip #6 – Understand what the ROI really is.


Sure, you can measure your success based on vanity metrics, which is how many likes, followers, and shares you get, but the truth is, it is much more than that. You want to see actionable metrics. In other words, you want to see your social media posts provoke action from your followers, such as, having them actually engage with your brand and purchase your product!


The Takeaway:


Using social media, effectively, humanizes your company and builds a sense of loyalty with your consumers. While this isn’t something that happens overnight, it is worth the effort!















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